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GOT ring pops as pacifiers. :3

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Sexy KiBum

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U Don't Have To Call
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 12/100 of that one guy I don’t like at all 

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MBLAQ eras; colour palette

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Jonghyun going wild during Start

cr. (lovelyonew)

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"Most of the time, we get feedback as soon as we perform abroad. Times like that, we get deeply touched by the fact our fans from so far away can relate to our music, despite the language barrier."

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Cute Key:)

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I have never heard of 15& before, but thanks to that recent post about their new song, I listened to them and I now LOVE their voices!! :D THANK-YOU <3 Btw, I adore your blog. I mean, who doesn't love Onew Lee Jinki ;)

Yayyyy Im glad you liked them. I LOVE them and their song Somebody was my fave song from last year!

Aw thanks boo:)

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Crazy Jinki dancing in slippers at the airport

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Does anyone else love 15&’s new song?

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